Domaine du Biguet
Wines owners and producers
Thanks to its favourable situation at the bottom of a small valley on the hillsides facing south - southwest, the granite and schist soil represents a unique terroir around Toulaud. Clay and calcareous soil prevails around Saint-Péray. All the vines of the Domaine du Biguet are between 30 and 70 years old.

Our passion for sparkling wine has never ceased in many years. As the sparkling wine dates back to 1830 for Saint-Péray wines, we are anxious to carry on with this method.

Our motto has always been to protect soils and respect the vegetable kingdom – which is why our vines are grass-covered and farmed with a responsible approach.

As most of our vines are planted on hillsides, they are exclusively hand-worked. Grape-pickers carry the grapes on their back after choosing them selectively and thoroughly. Beforehand, at the end of the summer, unripe grapes are taken off the vines to favour the ripeness of the grapes that will finally be harvested and keep them sound.

Our yearly production is about 30,000 bottles.

Our 7-hectare family estate stretches over 2 villages:
- Saint-Péray and Toulaud for the white wines, both sparkling and non-sparkling, which are in the Saint-Péray AOP
- Cornas for our red wine, which is in the Cornas AOP

After graduating from an advanced vocational degree in viticulture and oenology, we took over the estate in 1980.
Some of the vine plots had been planted and rented from 1970 by our parents. The first vintage was sold in bottles in July 1980.
Jean Louis et Françoise Thiers
Owners and producers
Phone : +33 4 75 40 49 44
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